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Eco-Panels manufactures the most advanced SIPs on the market today.  Yet a love of science and technology - eventually leading to my degree in applied physics - started way back before I ever knew about building science.  I remember Mr. Wizard well - and perhaps he influenced me in some way.  Science was king.  Science ruled.  And no amount of opinion could change the facts of science.  And Mr. Wizard never hesitated to tell you that.

Long live Mr. Wizard!  This video is hilarious.

Panels to the Arctic Circle

Eco-Panels is proud to have shipped our first project to a governmental institution operating near the Arctic Circle.  These panels were delivered well inside of our standard leadtime at the urgent request of our client.

Eco-Panels manufactures what building scientists working for the US Dept of Energy have noted are the most advanced SIPs - or structural insulated panels - on the market today.  The particular panels shipped were over 8 inches thick and will perform at better than R60 in very cold temperatures.  These 4' wide panels were calculated to take a vertical compressive load of almost 100,000 pounds!!!  Virtually as strong as a concrete wall yet infinitely more energy efficient.  Eco-Panels uses a special polyurethane foam core for these very thick super insulated panels - the only foam we know of capable of making polyurethane panels that thick (other PUR foams will "burn-up" in an exothermic reaction during manufacturing process if attempting to make a panel that thick).

Their easy of assembly and erection will be extremely beneficial in the Arctic region's short building season, notes our client.

Styrene & Formaldehyde in Building Materials Still Listed as Potential Carcinogen

There have been hearings in Washington this month featuring the Chemical Industry arguing that the styrenes and formaldehyde - commonly found in building products - should not be considered "cancer causing" or "potentially cancer causing".  Both of these compounds have been noted by a National Institutes of Health report by the National Toxicology Program's 12th Annual Report On Carcinogens (see the report's FAQs here).

Eco-Panels continues to believe that because of the believed health risks associated with polystyrene SIPs (who are our largest competitor, mainly because they sell cheaper product (duh)) it is irresponsible to want to build an "air-tight" home surrounded by an envelope of expanded polystyrene or EPS foam that is documented in this latest report as well as other scientific reports to off-gass styrenes.

A more indepth analysis of how the Chemical Industry is trying to whitewash these findings is noted here in this article from the National Resources Defense Council.

If you don't want BPA in your childrens drinking bottles, then why would you want to have styrene insulation permanently surrounding your home?

New Video - Nat'l Park Service Comm Center

This week we posted new video (see video section on our website homepage - scroll down a bit if you don't see it) sent to us by the builder that in part shows our wall panels being used on a recent US Government project in Western North Carolina.  Eco-Panels was fortunate to work with Gawain Mainwaring and his team at The Smartbuilders in Asheville, NC, again - this time on a telecommunications building for the National Park Service at the Blue Ridge Parkway headquarters complex.  This is an approx 2,000 sqft building that is climate controlled primarily by mini-splits while all the while maintaining the look and feel of other buildings seen along the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway, the most visited National Park in the United States.

These were R26 rated wall panels that were erected in a little more than an hour with the exterior siding already on the panels - batten strips were later applied for the final look.  As a communications center responsible for coordination of resources in times of emergency this building had to be as strong and resilient as possible while fitting into a tight budget.  Eco-Panels met this requirement by offering a panel system significantly stronger than traditional construction, all while supplying a solution that not only fit into the long-term cultural heritage of our National Park Service and Blue Ridge Parkway buildings, but also one that allowed our client to come in UNDER BUDGET (always a good thing!).

Eco-Panels Will Build You a Stronger, Safer, Significantly More Energy Efficient Home

This past weekend Kansas saw more tornadoes in one day than they typically see in the entire month of April.  Article here.  And the weather extremes seem to be getting more and more extreme with every passing week.

With the strongest structural insulated panel system on the market today - by virtue of our single piece corner panel - Eco-Panels can help you build a stronger, safer and significantly more energy efficient home.  Stick built homes are inherently energy inefficient and build a weaker structure than we can give you with a home made from Eco-Panels.

For tornado reconstruction, please do not build more homes out of sticks.  We are not saying that we will survive a direct hit from a tornado, we're simply saying we can give you a significantly stronger home than will be more survivable than a traditional stick-built home.

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