House Plans, Backyard or Garden Cottages

tightlines designs logo website.jpgEco-Panels announces Partnership with Tightlines Designs - Experts at Design of Energy Efficient Homes!

Eco-Panels is proud to announce a joint marketing initiative with Tightlines Designs of Raleigh, NC.  By designing a home from the beginning to be super energy efficient we can offer the homeowner an amazing opportunity to live in a house at a fraction of the cost of traditional construction.  Tightlines can offer designs ranging from small homes to multi-family to entire community development opportunities, while the Eco-Panels team appreciates the sensible yet classic design approach of the Tightlines Designs team. tightlines home winslow i.jpg

Fast Installation, Amazing Comfort and Energy Efficiency

Utilizing the rapidly assembled Eco-Panels system we can provide you with either a building kit or an entirely erected structure.  With superior strength and insulation and possibly even pre-installed exterior siding we can get you inside and under roof in just a few hours as opposed to days with a traditional stick-built structure.

Here are some sample designs, or you can work with us to design your own!potshed1-r.jpg

smallroofshed-r.jpgcottageplan2-r.jpgcottageplan10x12 smartside1-r.jpg