Eco-Panels Foam Certified to Highest Standards in the US!

Continuing on our path of industry leadership in building technology, Eco-Panels is proud to be the first and only manufacturer (that we have so far been made aware of) to have our rigid foam core insulation certified to meet the most aggressive standards in the U.S. set by the California Department of Public Health - CDPH Section 01350 v1.2 for homes, classrooms and private offices.  This standard looks at building materials and any volatile emissions that may be emanating from them.  In addition, our latest version foam contains no global warming potential (0 GWP), no ozone depleting potential (0 ODP), no formaldehydes, no styrenes and no VOCs!

Working With Luxury Simplified Team Along South Carolina Coast

For several years now Eco-Panels has been working with our good friends with the development team at Luxury Simplified along the South Carolina coast from Charleston and Folly Beach down to the Bluffton and Hilton Head areas.  We continue to be impressed with both the beauty of what the create and the vision of their own legacy.  Welsh born developer Chris Leigh-Jones - president of Luxury Simplified - spoke to us recently from the 4th Floor of his beautifully restored downtown Charleston office headquarters - "We searched quite a bit for a better way to build homes - I'm not a fan of the old fashioned stud frame construction everyone uses here in the states - it's inherently weak and not at all energy efficient no matter what the builder tells you.  It's a fact that insulation and wood framing can not occupy the same space - and a very large portion of the building envelope, especially in a coastal region like Charleston, requires lots of stud framing for the higher strength of the building.  The Eco-Panels solution tackles this problem in spades with an interlocking pre-engineered panel system that eliminates most all of the stud framing in a wall system while creating a significantly stronger and more energy efficient building.  And their single piece corner panel goes a long way in making these buildings much stronger than a stud framed home could ever be.  After we first worked with their system it quickly became apparent there was not even a contest with stud frame if strength and energy efficiency was important to the consumer.  And a faster dry-in time doesn't hurt either, especially when for what seems like a third of the year we can have massive storms bearing down on us at any minute."

So if you are ever in the area, please stop by and see the beautiful work being done every day by the team at Luxury Simplified - and tell them Eco-Panels recommended them for your holiday rental or new home!

Eco-Panels - Capable of Withstanding 400mph Winds!

Eco-Panels recently partnered with the Construction Management Program at Western Carolina University to test panels for a large international project for the National Science Foundation.  The results were quite impressive, and here is a brief flyer we just put out this past week.  The larger photo shows an R60 rated panel under about 13,000 lbs load over a 12ft span, and the inset photo shows loading of about 15,000 lbs over an 8ft span - and that is our standard R26 rated (at 52degF) 4.5" thick wall panel!

Wind Load Testing Eco-Panels at WCU

Fire Resistant Passive House for about $100/sqft

This client has a goat farm in North Carolina.  They had tried to build "green" homes before, but they say none have been as good as this one.  Whether it's in the 'teens outside in winter or around 100 degrees outside in the summer, they say the house stays pretty much the same temperature year round without ever having to turn on their HVAC system.  It's through working with so many amazing clients doing amazing things that we get to experience so many different facets of this new and growing market for building homes that are stronger, safer and significantly more energy efficient than homes have ever been before.  We are proud to know and to have worked with them.

fire resistant passive house 100sqft.png

Eco-Panels Takes Green Building In Asheville To A Whole New Level

Last month saw a quiet revolution in the high-end Sovereign Oaks community just outside Asheville, North Carolina. After spending years researching the best methods for home construction, the Client - a professional engineer - partnered with a WNC custom home builder and North Carolina based Eco-Panels. In just about three hours the pre-fabricated wall system of a garage apartment home (a pre-cursor to the future larger primary residence) was erected and the resulting home will be so energy efficient that a few solar panels on the roof will allow it to produce more energy than it consumes.

stud framed home under construction sovereign oaks.png

While most previous homes in the development have been marketed as "green building" and they certainly have a very high level of beautiful finishes, they are almost in total made of stud frame construction, the weakest and least energy efficient method of construction allowed by law. In contrast the Eco-Panels wall system installed on this site - at 6.5" thick - will offer a final insulation "R" value exceeding R40 across the beautiful four seasons this home will enjoy.

"This home's wall system will perform at 200-300% higher levels than the wall systems in the homes sold by the other builders in this development" says Charles Leahy, president of Eco-Panels. "Think about it - where you have wooden studs in a home, you can not have insulation - and so you are sacrificing energy efficiency through what's called "thermal bridging", where your home's HVAC energy (and comfort) is lost through the wood framing of the walls or roof system.

jag green built home.pngeco-panels home thermal image.png

And when you have fewer studs to try and create a more energy efficient structure, the resulting structure will not be as strong as one reinforced with more studs. It's a "Catch-22" for any structure when pursuing both strength and insulation. In fact when comparing the strength of our panel system to a stud framed wall the difference really is off the charts. Fasteners will hold sheathing to a stud framed home at a rate of about 80-90 lbs per fastener (nail or screw), producing an average holding force of about 100 to almost 300 lbs per wall sqft - and this is a huge deal when high winds come around. By contrast our panel system with proprietary flame retardant foam core has a bonding strength exceeding 10,000 lbs per panel sqft! Coupled with our unique and patented single piece corner panels - proven to create a stronger and more energy efficient structure - these homes can stand up to the toughest that mother nature has in store for any home. In fact on the Island of Saint John in the US Virgin Islands during Hurricane Irma in 2017 a resort developer told us that in his development of 30 to 40 buildings, the ONLY structures to entirely survive the devastation still structurally sound and habitable were his "green" award-winning buildings made out of Eco-Panels. All the other buildings in the development were either partially or entirely destroyed by the massive storm." Wow - that's quite impressive!
Stud frame construction has been around for almost 200 yrs, and framing with 2x6 wooden studs to create a stronger and more energy efficient home has been around since the 1860s. But framing a house with wooden studs is a complex manufacturing process that requires skill and is fraught with opportunities for error - and for this reason we see portions Eco-Panels believes that in the future a well-informed client will work with their builder to select their panel system because it can help to create a stronger, safer and significantly more energy efficient home for about the same cost as a "green-built" stud framed home.

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