DIY Tiny House or Any House - Build them Yourself!

It can be intimidating and difficult to build your own stick framed structure - and amazingly difficult if you are trying to build it super-energy efficient or wind or seismic resistant.  It is VERY SIMPLE to do this with Eco-Panels.  With quick cam-locking panels, pre-framed windows and doors and our unique single piece corner panels offering significantly improved insulation and strength for a structure, it is easy, and you can do it yourself - now more then ever before.

Eco-Panels will soon be offering our panels on our website that will allow you to select from a standard menu and purchase with a credit card.  We are excited about this, and it will allow you to configure a structure just the way you want it - allowing you alter or even enlarge a structure over time.  Build your own shed, garage workshop, cabin or tiny house or big house.  The prices will be LESS than going through our design group because these will be "standard" panels of standard dimensions - not custom, and they will allow you to build an almost infinite number of structures simply by arranging the panels differently.

Don't build a stick-framed structure - you'll be cold (or hot), and consume a whole lot more energy than you would living in a home made with our panels.  A stick framed home is weaker and less safe than a home built from our DIY panel solutions.  Please read through our website, our blog, and take a look at the videos on our website homepage to learn more!

Stay tuned!!!

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