Eco-Panels in New Zealand!

For many years Eco-Panels has been helping to build the most energy efficient homes in America.  Eco-Panels is now providing panels for multiple homes in New Zealand, many in the beautiful Jacks Point development.

"Very little is actually manufactured in New Zealand, and so we quite literally searched all over the world for the best panel systems on the market.  In the end, our choice was clear - Eco-Panels quite simply has the best system in the world - the strongest, most insulated and the most easy to erect.  By patent they have the most continuously insulated building envelope, as well as the strongest connection system, and the pure simplicity of the system really left no doubts on the jobsite" says Michael Sly, partner with the ClimateHouse team.  "Further, with their unique single piece corner panels we hope to introduce this very seismically resistant building system in the reconstruction of Christchurch, whose major earthquake a few years past destroyed thousands of homes."

With no on-site technical support from Eco-Panels (just wasn't in the budget!), the first floor wall panels of a beautiful yet fairly complicated home in the Jacks Point development was erected in just six hours.  Some selected pictures are below.

setting the first corner panel.jpg

staging the panels for erection.jpg

setting a header panel - first floor.jpg

setting first floor wall panels took six hours.jpg

eight weeks - almost done.jpg

home with snow in the mountains - less than 8 weeks.jpg

roof is now covered with membrane.jpg

roof is complete.jpg

roof panels spanning ridge to eave.jpg

start setting of roof panels.jpg

second floor done - ready for roof panels.jpg