More Research Finds Styrene Exposure May Lead to Autism

It is well known that Eco-Panels does not use styrenes - or polystyrene - in the manufacture of our structural insulated panels.  But we estimate that over 90% of the panel manufacturers in the United States (and many parts of the world) do use styrenes as a major component of their foam (like EPS or expanded polystyrene or XPS or extruded polystyrene).  In fact, many well known building scientists advocate if stick building a structure then you should "wrap" the finished building in styrene insulation prior to applying the siding.  When you are trying to build a super-energy tight structure, I'm not sure that enclosing your home in an envelope of styrene is the way to go.

Last week it was reported that exposure to styrenes may double the risk of young children developing Autism.  This exposure could occur either while in the womb or even after birth.  See a full article here, and this same study was published by a number of sources.

Styrenes have long been a common component of cheap insulation, and it has become very popular.  But even back in 2011 the National Institute's of Health (NIH) National Toxicology Review, styrenes were added to their 12th Report on Carcinogens, and they note in their FAQs that two of the largest sources of exposure to the average person were from building materials and cigarette smoke.

When considering insulation for your home, please consider the safety of the materials you are using.  And please consider Eco-Panels - our inert closed cell foam does not off-gas and there are no similar health warnings against our urethane foam.