Nice Comment from International Aid Organization Construction Manager

Sorry it has been a while since we have posted to our blog!  Just been so busy - everyone getting ready for Spring building season.  But we recently received a nice comment from the construction manager with an international humanitarian aid organization that I thought I would like to share.

" I researched more than 100 panel companies in United States, Canada and China for our project. Only eco-panels had all the elements that we needed to make our project in North ***** successful. We need a structure that can go up very quickly because our time in country is severely limited. We need a product that is basically complete. Because we cannot obtain anything locally for the completion of the project. The harsh climate of North ***** requires extreme thermal efficiency for both the hot humid summers and cold Windy Winters. Eco-panels does a remarkable job of meeting those requirements. All the people at eco-panels understand their product and understand their customers needs and are great to work with."

Keep it tight!