New Tiny Home Shell Model Coming to Asheville!

UPDATE (original article below): This is a picture of the tiny home taken of how it looked one day after the panels were delivered:

Eco-Panels manufactures the most efficiently insulated building system on the market today, and with it we can help homeowners, builders and developers build the most energy efficient homes in the world - helping to reduce energy consumption by up to 95% (according to our clients) compared to a traditionally built stick-framed homes (stick frame is the least energy efficient method of construction, but by far the most common).

Just in time for Christmas - Eco-Panels will be setting panels for a Tiny Home Shell in Asheville, NC, on December 15.  This unit will have the shell erected and dried in in just a couple of hours, and the windows have been pre-installed at our factory.  In fact this may be the first Passive House or Net-Zero Energy tiny home on the market!

Structures like these could be used for "Man-Caves", "She-Sheds", "Mother-in-Law Cottages" or otherwise just nice and comfortable backyard offices or even simple year-round playhouses for children.