Caution: If you DON'T want to see your sheetrock installers strip down

I heard a nice testimonial from Luke Burrell of Hearthstone Innovative Homes - builders in the Asheville area who recently (they are one of the few "green builders" who are actually serious about building energy efficient homes) told me that he walked into one of their homes using our panels on a cold day when the sheetrock crew was working and he was caught totally off-guard that the house "...felt like a sauna!"  The furnace in the home had not yet been hooked up and the sheetrock crew, as was normal for winter time, set up a kerosene heater in the house since the "sheetrock mud" that they use to seal the joints can not be applied in the cold.  Apparently it did not take long in this 1,300 sqft house for this heater to cause the guys to start shedding their cold weather clothes and actually have to adjust their work routine just a bit to accomodate the faster mud drying process.

Typical of a great builder interested in finishing the job faster, Luke's summary comment was "great if it makes the whole sheetrock hanging process go much faster!"