Hurricane Matthew Aftermath in NC

This time last week our state of North Carolina was still feeling the brunt of Hurricane Matthew.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those along the east coast from Florida through the Carolinas affected by Hurricane Matthew - in fact I had seven family members affected by the storm and several of them are still dealing with the aftermath.  I have sent questions out to several past clients that we have in those affected regions and have received feedback which I include below - and I also wanted to remind people of previous blog postings where the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) notes that the ONLY insulation approved for construction in flood prone regions - and those covered by the National Flood Insurance Program - is closed cell polyurethane insulation as used by Eco-Panels.  Note most insulation sold on the market today - from open cell foams like Icynene(R) to fiberglass or cellulose insulation or even most EPS panels sold on the market do NOT meet the definition of closed cell insulation and therefore do not perform well in these conditions.

Here are a two testimonials we have received so far:

Chris from Nags Head, NC -  “the winds got up to 100 mph but everything was just fine – solid & secure!”

Tim from West End (Moore County, NC) - Thanks for thinking about us. We had a lot of rain and wind but no flooding or damage. I do have to say that I noticed how quiet it was inside the house during the storm.  There was no wind whistling around the windows and doors because there are no cracks and crevices, and I hardly heard the rain hitting the house.  It’s been over five years since we built and I have to say using Eco-Panels was a decision I never regretted.

Regarding building along the coast or in flood prone areas: