Eco-Panels Will Build the Homes of the Future

As Apple and Samsung have helped to re-define the telephone, and Tesla has helped to re-define the car, Eco-Panels will help to re-define the house.  With patents already granted and many other new inventions patent pending, Eco-Panels is leading the way - ableit slowly - to changing the way people perceive the concept of a house and a home.  The homes of the future will not just be stronger and significantly more energy efficient than the stick framed homes of today, but they will also become technology platforms - where technology companies will be able to offer their products even before a client moves in, integrated into the very structure of the home, and technology upgrading is as easy as it is seamless.  Our panels will become literal platforms for new technologies offered by many leading technology companies, offering them opportunites to be "first in the house".  And in some cases these technology companies will actually help to offset the cost of the home in exchange for future business, recognizing that affordable housing has become a problem in almost every county in the country.  This is a conversation taken from the not too distant future:



Mrs. Jones?


Hi Ma’am, my name is Ron and I’m with Eco-Panels Home Management Systems.  Are you ready to turn on your new home™?


Yes ma’am.  Your builder has already worked with us to include certain technologies inside of our wall panels even before your power was hooked up.  Using our patented and patent pending technologies we have partnered with different companies to provide your smoke detector, your indoor air quality monitoring system, your climate control system, and you’ll love that you’ll never have another dead spot with our wireless home network – and even the award winning Smartvue® home surveillance system – did you know they upload more video everyday than YouTube®?  All joined together in our award winning Home Management System app.  And we’re always looking for other new technologies and partners to help us grow.

No, I didn’t know that.  We actually just moved in – still unpacking.  But - I thought Eco-Panels just made wall panels?

Yes ma’am – pre-engineered and super energy efficient wall panels, also roof – even floor panels when it makes sense.  With virtually no thermal bridging and they are styrene-free for your family’s health & safety.  Did you know we are helping builders and homeowners build the most energy efficient homes on the planet, at a rate much faster and often for less money than traditional construction methods?

Yes – yes that’s what attracted us to your product.  Your company taught me that stick frame construction was the weakest, most complicated and least energy efficient method of construction allowed by law.

Yes ma’am – stud frame construction was invented in the early 1800s – almost two hundred years ago.  Hard to believe most homes are still built that way.

It’s ignorance – pure ignorance.  People just don’t know they have options about how their home is built.  And your panels are much stronger and like three to five times more energy efficient than a stick framed wall.

Yes ma’am – now back to turning on your home™?

Right – so you’re saying I don’t have to order these things from Amazon, or go to my local Best Buy or any of those hardware stores?

That’s right Mrs. Jones – through our network of partner technology companies and our patented and patent pending technologies we have already provided all of the technology that you will need inside of our wall panels – and with our proprietary system you can upgrade as new technologies come out. Fact is the computer hardware is practically given away – these companies want you to sign up for the service.

But my nephew gave me one of those Nest® thermostats last Christmas – he was thinking we could use it for our new house.

Ma’am – you don’t want that – did you know that the Nest® thermostat – and all household thermostats for that matter – were based on technology from the 1860’s?  Very old and inefficient technology. Our technology is much, much better.

Really – the 1800s again?  Wow – home construction technology really hasn’t changed much in a long, long time….

Yes ma’am – and that’s where Eco-Panels and the Eco-Panels Home Management System comes in – we’ve already been recognized as being the most advanced panelized building system on the planet – and integrating the latest technologies is just a natural evolution.  In fact we were talking about integrating web-enabled technologies into our panels almost before “Internet of Things” was a thing.  Our founder actually used to be an executive at a successful Silicon Valley company – helped it go from start-up to a sale for more than $2Billion.  This technology evolution in the construction industry was always obvious to us.

Now are you ready to sign up?

Oh yes!  That’s so nice – I don’t have to run around and worry about any of this stuff….  Let me get my credit card….


Note from Eco-Panels team - the future of sensors and other active technologies in the walls of buildings is huge and with our patents and patents pending we will have the leading edge.  Why does this make sense and how does it affect you?  Think about sensors for termite or moisture detection, or changing pressures on the outside of your foundation walls - possible indications of future problems.  Or sensing for interior air quality levels - is it clean and safe or not?  And our active technologies will actually react and MAKE YOUR HOME STRONGER than it was originally built in the event of high external forces, such as a seismic event (earthquake) or from high winds (hurricane or tornado).  No other system can do this - and we have the technologies.  Stay tuned....

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