Thinking Of Building A New Home?

thermal energy comparison - 3-25-18 - reduced.jpg

Are you thinking of building a new home?  Or purchasing a newly built home?  Great!  We are here to help.  Probably 98% of our business is derived from clients that approach our company looking for a "better way" to build a home.  More and more clients building homes today have educated themselves through on-line research and speaking with informed individuals and they realize that stud frame construction - the weakest and least energy efficient method of construction allowed by law - will cost them MORE MONEY over time than if they had purchased a better solution to start with.  While most clients either bring a builder to the table or ask us for assistance in helping them find a builder - I'm guessing fully one third of our clients are owner-builders - and often darn smart owner-builders as well.  We provide all the assistance and advice we can - for free - with the hopes that you will purchase panels from our company.

So if you are looking for a new home - BEWARE purchasing a spec-built home.  You know those builders that always seem to have homes for sale through their website?  We have actually approached -or been approached by - a few of those builders - like in Asheville NC - and we quickly found out that they simply working for their investors to make a certain return on investment.  "If you can't see it" then odds are they have taken the less expensive way out.  We approached a very popular "green builder" in Asheville several times and finally got an opportunity to provide pricing for our product instead of them building it out of wooden studs and spray foam.  After review he said our cost was about $3,500 premium and he would just as soon put that money in his pocket.  Now forget about the fact that the home would have been about twice as energy efficient, MUCH stronger in structure, more comfortable and safer to live in (from fire and cleaner interior air).  They were selling the home for more than $300,000 - so we were only about a 1% premium for supplying a significantly superior home.  But as he had said - that was money in his pocket - he wasn't building spec homes for a future consumer - he was building them to make money for himself and his investors.  We get that.  So we advise clients to help them build their own home - where THEY are in charge.  Fortunately there are also still many great builders out there that are happy to assist you in building a home the way you want it - and that's the way it should be.

Speaking of Asheville - I recently drove around Asheville at night with a thermal imaging camera and took photos of homes built by some popular green builders - and I also took thermal photos of homes made from our panels on the very same nights - so you have a good comparison if it was the same temperature outside.  Take a look - the difference is quite remarkable.  This is evidence plain and simple that these homes are leaking energy at an amazing rate - energy that will cost you money for the entire life of the home - and money you would not have to be paying if you had paid a little more upfront for our panels.