Working With Luxury Simplified Team Along South Carolina Coast

For several years now Eco-Panels has been working with our good friends with the development team at Luxury Simplified along the South Carolina coast from Charleston and Folly Beach down to the Bluffton and Hilton Head areas.  We continue to be impressed with both the beauty of what the create and the vision of their own legacy.  Welsh born developer Chris Leigh-Jones - president of Luxury Simplified - spoke to us recently from the 4th Floor of his beautifully restored downtown Charleston office headquarters - "We searched quite a bit for a better way to build homes - I'm not a fan of the old fashioned stud frame construction everyone uses here in the states - it's inherently weak and not at all energy efficient no matter what the builder tells you.  It's a fact that insulation and wood framing can not occupy the same space - and a very large portion of the building envelope, especially in a coastal region like Charleston, requires lots of stud framing for the higher strength of the building.  The Eco-Panels solution tackles this problem in spades with an interlocking pre-engineered panel system that eliminates most all of the stud framing in a wall system while creating a significantly stronger and more energy efficient building.  And their single piece corner panel goes a long way in making these buildings much stronger than a stud framed home could ever be.  After we first worked with their system it quickly became apparent there was not even a contest with stud frame if strength and energy efficiency was important to the consumer.  And a faster dry-in time doesn't hurt either, especially when for what seems like a third of the year we can have massive storms bearing down on us at any minute."

So if you are ever in the area, please stop by and see the beautiful work being done every day by the team at Luxury Simplified - and tell them Eco-Panels recommended them for your holiday rental or new home!