You Often Do Not Need An Expert To Build Passive or NetZero Home

There are a lot of companies and organizations that spend a lot of time marketing that because stud framing is so complicated you will need to hire an expert to ensure you are building a home that is super-energy efficient.  Yet when you are using a building system that creates the strongest and most efficiently insulated building envelopes on the planet - by patent - then it becomes a MUCH more simple task.  With an Eco-Panels home, creating a super-insulated and air-tight building envelope is actually quite easy.  The next challenge is ensuring proper mechanical ventilation for this energy-tight enclosure - this helps with indoor air quality (IAQ) and comfort.  And when you have a super-insulated building envelope - you should only require small amounts of additional energy - if any at all - to maintain interior temperature levels.  As we've said before, "heat it with a matchstick, cool it with an ice-cube".

This is a flyer created from an experience with an owner-builder in New Zealand.  He used our under-slab insulation panels, then our R40 wall panels and then our R60 roof panels to create a building envelope so energy efficient and optimized for his cool alpine climate that he needs to neither heat nor cool his house.  Plus, by installing a few solar panels on his small roof he is able to provide almost all the energy he needs for both his electric car and his house.  Remember, when you apply solar panels to a stud framed home, much of that energy gained from the panels is LOST FOREVER through the thermal bridging of your stud framed walls if solar energy is used for either heating or air conditioning or ventilation.  This can SIGNIFICANTLY reduce the operating efficiency of your solar panel system (and no one but us seems to be talking about it).  Yet when less energy is required for HVAC, then of course more energy is available from your solar panel system to power the rest of your home, car and life!