Eco-Panels aiding international relief organizations

At Eco-Panels we'd like to recognize our often un-sung Guardian Mobile Systems business unit.  A business that focuses on the rapid responder and international aid communities we can provide super insulated and extremely ruggedized towable trailure vehicles (T2V) for relief operations as well as our RESPONDER(TM) Building Kit.  "RESPONDER" stands for "Rapidly Erected Structural Panels ON Demand for the Emergency Responder".  As the name implies we can assemble containerized kits of small or large structures that are easily assembled and rapidly (typ less than one day) erected and super insulated, strong (even bullet proof) structures in a time of need.  Our patent pending system will allow countries like Turkey, Mexico, China or Indonesia to store containerized structures until they are required - and then rapidly transported to the place of need from a centralized location.

Recently our company was proud to support 3 T2V units of the MMC (Mobile Medical Clinic) type for impoverished regions of Africa - Mozambique, Kenya and South Africa.  Working with the World Childrens Fund, Global Aid Network (GAiN) and Gleaning for the World, these units contain multiple and redundant power sources, fresh water and are rugged enough to be towed 50 miles off-road to the relief camps.  Simple retro-fit road trailers or RVs have been proven to not be able to handle these conditions.  In fact our trailers were designed by rapid responders and international relief experts for the sole purpose of filling the void in the existing market offering.  By building a rugged unit that's small enough so that it can be towed by 4x4 vehicles already in the field yet large enough to suit a demanding medical community, our company has worked for the past 5 years to redefine the capabilities of the rapid responder and international relief organization.

All units are fully customizable, from solar power systems to satelite communications.  For more information or for questions and comments we'd love to hear from you at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

T2V Mobile Medical Clinic or Command Center

RESPONDER Building System