Highest R Value Panel On The Market

Last week Eco-Panels manufactured a first for us - and as best we can tell for the rest of the industry - a structural and insulated panel offering an R value of more than 60! (actually topping in around R64 at minimal temp).  This panel, measuring 4' x 12', was manufactured for a project above the arctic circle where January temperatures can hover at a balmy -10 deg F.  The total thickness of the panel falls under 9" (nine inches) and the interior surface option is a bead-board product to allow for minimal finishing once erected.

This panel virtually negates any thermal transfer under almost any conditions and can be sided with anything from fiber cement to wood products like OSB to FRP, etc.  Ideally suited for passive or net-zero energy structures, you don't have to have walls over 1ft thick to provide amazing R values.