New 2012 Building Code Will Make Eco-Panels Less Expensive Than Stick-Built!

The new 2012 building code being rolled out by the International Residential Code council (IRC) changes rather dramatically the building code requirements for how new homes are built and insulated.  See this great article from Green Building Advisor for a further discussion.

We have long been able to show that our product will offer a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to a stick-built structure, in addition to being safer and more comfortable, but these new changes will in many if not most cases make the use of Eco-Panels simply cheaper on the front end when compared to stick-built construction.

We have a guest blogger/building industry consultant working on an article discussing this further right now.  Stay tuned for further discussion of this and other "perfect storm" events taking place in the market that should make 2012 a very interesting year indeed for the building industry.