More Tornadoes - More Destoryed Homes and Lives

Last year was the "deadliest year in nearly a century" for tornadoes, and after seeing a more than 50% increase in tornado activity this year compared to last year, you have to wonder why people continue to build their homes with stick-built construction.  Building a home out of "sticks", whether 2x4 or 2x6, does NOT create a very strong house, and with the sticks comprising almost 25% of the building envelope, this also makes it very thermally inefficient, wasting money day after day after day.

One of the weakest parts of a home is where two walls come together.  The Eco-Panels panel solution is the ONLY panel solution on the market today that offers a single piece corner panel that simply eliminates that weak joint.  Our embedded cam-locks offer thousands of pounds of holding force between panels.  Tieing down the walls to the foundation and the roof are other potential weak joints, and our solution can extend the exterior siding of our panels to allow uninterupted sheathing from the bottom rim joist to the roof truss.  NO OTHER PANEL SOLUTION CAN OFFER THIS LEVEL OF PROTECTION FOR YOUR HOME.

PLEASE stop building your homes out of sticks or cheap panel solutions.  Protect your family with the best the market has to offer.  We have clients who have re-built after tornadoes and are VERY happy with our panels and would be pleased to offer an endorsement.