Weather Extremes - The New Normal....

It has been an amazing start for this year's weather.  Whether seismic events, a rash of tornadoes or a record number of high temperatures, extreme global conditions can affect even individual home-owners through high energy bills or most dramatically a destroyed home.  With single piece corner panels and a unique panels system helping to create a significantly stronger home than traditional construction, Eco-Panels can offer you more secure living for only a slight increase in home price - actually reducing the long term cost of the home.  We have even seen positive returns on investment in fewer than five years when choosing our panel system to build their house.

The danger of extreme weather is real.

"We're at just the beginning of a very unusual" tornado season, NBC weather anchor Al Roker said on TODAY. The numbers show just how unusual: March saw 223 twisters, up from an average of 80 from 1991-2010, according to the National Weather Service. February saw 63, compared to an average of 29; and January saw 97, compared to an average of 35."

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This represents an increase of more than 250% of a normal season for tornadoes!  And it's only April!

And as reported in this article in USA Today, March saw over 7,500 record high temperatures.

Protect the most important asset you have - your family - with Eco-Panels.  Stronger - Safer - Significantly more energy efficient.