Eco-Panels Will Build You a Stronger, Safer, Significantly More Energy Efficient Home

This past weekend Kansas saw more tornadoes in one day than they typically see in the entire month of April.  Article here.  And the weather extremes seem to be getting more and more extreme with every passing week.

With the strongest structural insulated panel system on the market today - by virtue of our single piece corner panel - Eco-Panels can help you build a stronger, safer and significantly more energy efficient home.  Stick built homes are inherently energy inefficient and build a weaker structure than we can give you with a home made from Eco-Panels.

For tornado reconstruction, please do not build more homes out of sticks.  We are not saying that we will survive a direct hit from a tornado, we're simply saying we can give you a significantly stronger home than will be more survivable than a traditional stick-built home.