New Video - Nat'l Park Service Comm Center

This week we posted new video (see video section on our website homepage - scroll down a bit if you don't see it) sent to us by the builder that in part shows our wall panels being used on a recent US Government project in Western North Carolina.  Eco-Panels was fortunate to work with Gawain Mainwaring and his team at The Smartbuilders in Asheville, NC, again - this time on a telecommunications building for the National Park Service at the Blue Ridge Parkway headquarters complex.  This is an approx 2,000 sqft building that is climate controlled primarily by mini-splits while all the while maintaining the look and feel of other buildings seen along the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway, the most visited National Park in the United States.

These were R26 rated wall panels that were erected in a little more than an hour with the exterior siding already on the panels - batten strips were later applied for the final look.  As a communications center responsible for coordination of resources in times of emergency this building had to be as strong and resilient as possible while fitting into a tight budget.  Eco-Panels met this requirement by offering a panel system significantly stronger than traditional construction, all while supplying a solution that not only fit into the long-term cultural heritage of our National Park Service and Blue Ridge Parkway buildings, but also one that allowed our client to come in UNDER BUDGET (always a good thing!).