Styrene & Formaldehyde in Building Materials Still Listed as Potential Carcinogen

There have been hearings in Washington this month featuring the Chemical Industry arguing that the styrenes and formaldehyde - commonly found in building products - should not be considered "cancer causing" or "potentially cancer causing".  Both of these compounds have been noted by a National Institutes of Health report by the National Toxicology Program's 12th Annual Report On Carcinogens (see the report's FAQs here).

Eco-Panels continues to believe that because of the believed health risks associated with polystyrene SIPs (who are our largest competitor, mainly because they sell cheaper product (duh)) it is irresponsible to want to build an "air-tight" home surrounded by an envelope of expanded polystyrene or EPS foam that is documented in this latest report as well as other scientific reports to off-gass styrenes.

A more indepth analysis of how the Chemical Industry is trying to whitewash these findings is noted here in this article from the National Resources Defense Council.

If you don't want BPA in your childrens drinking bottles, then why would you want to have styrene insulation permanently surrounding your home?