Panels to the Arctic Circle

Eco-Panels is proud to have shipped our first project to a governmental institution operating near the Arctic Circle.  These panels were delivered well inside of our standard leadtime at the urgent request of our client.

Eco-Panels manufactures what building scientists working for the US Dept of Energy have noted are the most advanced SIPs - or structural insulated panels - on the market today.  The particular panels shipped were over 8 inches thick and will perform at better than R60 in very cold temperatures.  These 4' wide panels were calculated to take a vertical compressive load of almost 100,000 pounds!!!  Virtually as strong as a concrete wall yet infinitely more energy efficient.  Eco-Panels uses a special polyurethane foam core for these very thick super insulated panels - the only foam we know of capable of making polyurethane panels that thick (other PUR foams will "burn-up" in an exothermic reaction during manufacturing process if attempting to make a panel that thick).

Their easy of assembly and erection will be extremely beneficial in the Arctic region's short building season, notes our client.