Affordable Housing? NO! Affordable Living!

I cringe when I see affordable housing developments going up using virtually the same building materials used in the 1960s.  We see the same cheap stick-built (wood or steel) methods of construction used in almost all parts of our country.  The builders have a pretty good formula worked out to build using the least expensive materials available and the least amount of insulation required by law (i.e. "built to code").  And the sad thing is we know that some clients of affordable housing - while given a low cost mortgage - are often run out of their home by high energy bills.

Eco-Panels can provide a significantly more energy efficient structure with energy savings possibly exceeding 70% when compared to traditional construction (we have the data).  We believe that "affordable housing" is often synonomous with cheap housing - and that will cost a homeowner in the long run.  By providing a homeowner with a stronger, safer and significantly more energy efficient home than traditional construction, Eco-Panels can offer what we like to call "Affordable Living" - allowing that homeowner a greater amount of discretionary income to provide for the benefit of their family.

Our panels can be used for single story or high rise housing developments.  And where we know that the durability of affordable housing developments has been an issue in the past, Eco-Panels will GUARANTEE that no one will ever put a foot or a fist or a door knob through one of our wall panels.  Sound attenuation is also a benefit that our panels can bring to the table through lack of traditional framing members, creating a quieter living environment.

Yes, it may cost a little more up front in materials, but you should save money in labor (potentially lots of money depending on where you are).  And after all the real client in affordable housing projects is NOT the builder, it is the person and families who will live in the home - and they will be the one to see the greatest benefit.  And that's what subsidized housing is all about - right?

Of course we've seen the same benefits for schools, etc., but that's for another posting....