More Extreme Weather - Tornadoes in NYC

This weekend we saw more extreme weather, this time spawning multiple tornadoes in New York City.  As this article states, tornadoes used to be a very rare event in the NYC area, but now not uncommon.

Because of our superior strength building envelope, Eco-Panels has assisted reconstruction efforts in rebuilding after both hurricanes and tornadoes.  By building structures with Eco-Panels, a structure is much better able to withstand the shear wind forces of high wind weather events when compared to traditional construction.  One of the weakest parts of a structure (and one of the toughest to insulate) is where two walls come together.  By virtue of our patented and patent pending single piece corner panel, Eco-Panels can eliminate this weak joint in a building's structure.

As energy costs will rise, there is little doubt that weather events are becoming more extreme.  To help protect your self, your family, and perhaps the largest investment you will ever make, make sure you build using Eco-Panels for a stronger, safer, significantly more energy efficient structure.