Start with the Building Envelope

I was talking with a LEED professional the other day and was glad to hear him say that when speaking with builders that talk about wanting to put PV panels on the roof, or digging up the front yard for a geo-thermal heating system, or solar thermal water heating, he always tries to "reset" expectations by reminding them that when you START with the building envelope, trying to get the most perfectly insulated building envelope you can, there is no greater return on investment for a new homeowner.  You can put solar panels on the roof and a traditionally built stick-home can actually leak every bit of those energy savings out the walls of a home.

By offering the most advanced structural insulated panelized building system on the market today - a claim that has been seconded by building scientists working for the US Dept of Energy - Eco-Panels can offer a building envelope that is stronger, safer and significantly more energy efficient than traditional construction or even EPS sips.  Yes, we cost a little more, but we've often seen that the premium associated with our product - when ammortized into a mortgage - is actually less than the monthly energy savings a homeowner can realize in the very first full month of occupancy.

Whether you are pursuing a Net Zero Home, a Passive House, or Energy Star, or LEED Residential, or any other countless "green" home programs in this country, or whether you are just simply trying to build a good strong home, if you aren't starting with the building envelope you may have a very difficult time recovering a positive return on investment for other energy saving investments.

Build it right, build it tight, the first time.  With Eco-Panels.