Trailers or stick-construction not the answer for hurried winter housing

I have family in New York City that were immediately affected by Hurricane Sandy, and I know people living in trailer and modular housing in petroleum rich parts of the country.  None of them are looking forward to a warm and cozy winter.  Most trailer manufacturers build the cheapest unit they can sell in volume, and these are often carted all around the country in response to a housing boom here or a disaster there.  Winter is fast approaching and the vast majority of trailers I have seen on the market are not intended for long term winter weather.

Please take a look at the videos on our website homepage.  We show how rapidly our panels can be assembled into temporary or permanent housing for disaster relief or man-camps.  From small super-insulated, net-zero or passive house type cottages to large homes, there is no better insulated and rapidly erected building system on the market today.  Eco-Panels participated in the reconstruction of the Lower 9th Ward in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, and we can assist after Hurricane Sandy.  Further, our unique single piece corner panel will create a significantly stronger and warmer building envelope than traditional construction - where two walls come together is one of the weakest parts of a home's structure, and also one of the toughest to insulate.  We simply eliminate that problem.  Of course we can also provide products like standard insulation (nailbase) panels or high R value trailer skirting where needed.

From small house plans to large, please contact us today for your warm and rapidly erected housing needs!