Well Hoods and Pump Houses

As a company we see lots of opportunity for, and actually have lots of experience in using our rapidly erected and super-insulated building panels for reasons far beyond traditional construction of homes, apartment buildings, churches or schools.  You may not be aware, but in just about every neighborhood in America there are "pump houses" that house the equipment required to keep your community's water and septic system flowing smoothly.  These are small structures typically made out of concrete panels - out of habit - but concrete itself is a CONDUCTOR of thermal energy, not an insulator, and cranes are required to set the panels.  Our panels will insulate the interior equipment against the cold, and provide excellent sound attenuation as well.  We can provide water resistant or chemical resistant interior siding skins where required.

And a growing petroleum industry requires "hoods" or covers over well heads that will prevent them from freezing up in cold weather.  Often these are stick-built structures that can take a couple of days to put in place and insulate - or they are brought in pre-assembled but then a crane or boom is required and shipping cost is high.  Eco-Panels can fit the panels for 8 or 10 separate small well hoods on a flat bed truck for shipment to a region, and then the panels can be off-loaded to pick-up trucks for transport to the locations where they are required, often being erected in just a couple of hours.

What other uses do you have in mind?