Lost Power? Get Eco-Panels!

We hear that so many people in the New York and New Jersey area are still without power - even in large city-run affordable housing complexes.  This is a tough situation for many in that region, but having homes made from traditional methods of construction, from stick-built to even steel or concrete frames with a brick facade, all with traditional methods of insulation, curse entire economies to both high energy consumption and bills (when there is power) or numbing cold when there is no power.

This is true whether you live in the path of a hurricane or you are a prepper looking for an off-grid retreat or cabin from North Dakota to Mississippi that you could easily build yourself.  When you have the most perfectly insulated and rapidly erected building envelope on the market today, you can actually leverage sources of heat that are simply not realized when you have traditional methods of stick or steel-frame construction.  Did you know that simply being present in a perfectly insulated room will raise the temperature of that room?  This is because our own bodies give off (radiate) heat.  The more people, the more activity, the more heat.

We have worked with physicists and biologists to build structures that - without any external sources of power - can grow tomatoes year round from North Carolina to Alaska yet can be built in a day - all because of our super-insulated building panels.  The same concepts can be used by yourself - whether in the inner city or the wilds of Tennessee - to save huge sums of money over the life of a structure and prepare for times when there is simply no power to provide yourself and your family a stronger, safer and significantly more energy efficient home or workplace than traditional methods of construction can ever hope to achieve.