EP Mobile Response Clinics

You may already know that Eco-Panels manufactures the widest variety of structural (SIPs) and non-structural insulated panels on the market.  Our company is famous for manufacturing the most efficient panelized building system on the market today.  But what you may not know is that we have extensive experience using Steel and FRP sided panels for creating the most ruggedized yet comfortable towable mobile medical clinics on the market today.

Most mobile medical clinics on the market today are actually retro-fit campers or horse/cargo trailers.  Over the years Eco-Panels, through our Guardian Mobile Systems division, has worked with mobile responders to create a purpose-built, off-road capable mobile responder unit.  Whether responding to an earthquake in China, floods in Angola or a refugee crisis in Jordan, the environments our clinics typically operate in are harsh - no roads, often no outside power, no clean potable water and very often extreme temperatures.

Eco-Panels mobile medical clinics have been deployed in Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Peru, Haiti, the Dominican Republic as well as the continental United States.  Our trailers are super insulated and ruggedized, equipped with solar panels for renewable power and water filtration systems capable of taking local unclean water and making it safe and drinkable.  A supplemental generator (we've installed diesel, gas and even LNG generators) provides extra power when fuel is available.

By working with a non-profit disaster relief partner we can also supply governmental, NGO and other similar non-profit relief organizations with free medical supplies for use with the trailer (subject to validation of need).  Below is a unit recently shipped to the government of the Dominican Republic.

Eco-Panels ruggedized mobile clinic