"Green" Attributes

While we sometimes try to stay away from the "green" label to avoid appearing to be rushing in on a bandwagon, if your mission is to significantly reduce energy consumption and improve the efficiency of the use of raw materials while providing a superior building envelope then Eco-Panels are very much an environmentally friendly - or "green" - building technology. With a foam core sandwiched between two opposing siding materials Eco-Panels take the place of a traditional stick-built wall, roof or floor, eliminating the thermal wick of a typical wooden stud providing for a more comfortable, quieter and safer building.

Brief Summary of Green Attributes:

Super insulated panel with closed cell polyurethane foam

- 4.5” wide panel insulates to R26

- 6.5” wide panel insulates to R40

- superior insulating building envelope can significantly reduce the amount of heating or cooling required

There is no vertical stud to wick thermal energy – hot or cold

Patented single piece corner panels (90° & 135°) produce a stronger and more energy efficient building

Organic (post-process sugar beets) based polyurethane foam

Foam does not off-gas and contains NO formaldehyde, CFCs or HCFCs and has NO ozone depleting potential (odp)

Class 1 foam does not promote flame and will not melt – ever

The panel’s foam core will not decay or degrade over time, thereby creating a long lasting and durable envelope

Engineered wood siding greatly reduces the amount of trees required to be cut down for lumber

Factory manufactured panels significantly reduces jobsite waste

Faster building dry-in reduces risk of weather damage, theft and mold while increasing builder ROI and jobsite safety

Polyurethane foam offers a sustained, long term and energy saving use of organic petroleum rather than a fleeting and immediately polluting one.

Locally manufactured in western North Carolina

A significant part of LEED, Energy Star or Healthy Built Home prgrms