Other Green Resources

Roan Mtn. Pink Beds in JuneWhile it will probably be the single greatest influence on in-home comfort, security and energy efficiency, after you have established a thermal boundary for your home your work has really only just begun. There are many, many influences on a home's energy performance and air quality, from windows to landscaping, from appliances to ventilation systems.  Aside from simply discussing our panels we remain committed to pursuing a more holistic approach to a healthy and energy efficient home.

Links and discussions in this section, which will no doubt grow over time, will simply serve as a resource for persons seeking knowledge about other sustainable practices related to your home and particularly as they related to green building techniques. Content in this section may be authored by persons ranging from nationally known building scientists to industry professionals. Eco-Panels has nothing to gain here other than helping to ensure that we all reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible while promoting local resources and materials. We hope that you find information in this portion of the website helpful and we welcome your input and suggestions for additional material.