At Eco-Panels we take seriously the concept of the house or building in its environment operating as a system. The walls, roof, windows, doors, HVAC, water heater, appliances – even your landscaping and building orientation all work together to determine the energy efficiency of your home or structure. Apart from providing you with what we feel is the best thermal envelope on the market today, the Eco-Panels team can assist you in many aspects of approaching your design or project from a more holistic perspective. With available expertise ranging from building science, construction technology and thermal envelope performance to design and structure orientation we can provide you with a systems-based approach to site and building design.

Standard services include:

  • Adapting existing designs to the Eco-Panels system
  • Providing "smart" building design services form concept to conclusion including:
    • Defining the thermal envelope
    • Structural integrity
    • Moisture control
    • Design function and appearance
  • Panel siding materials section

Extended services may include coordinating with or referring to partner companies:

  • In-depth building science analysis including:
    • Foundation orientation
    • Window and door selection
    • Major appliance selection
    • HVAC and ventilation right-sizing
    • Energy consumption forecasting
  • Providing Home Energy Rating System (HERS) certification services for structures using the Eco-Panels sytem:
    • Energy Star Program certification
    • North Carolina Healthy Built Home program certification
  • Third-party engineering stamp