The Eco-Panels Building Solution

Styrene-Free for your family's Health and Safety!

Eco-Panels manufactures the most advanced and integrated panelized building solution on the market today, and we are helping clients all over the world build some of the strongest and most energy efficient homes on the planet.  With continuously insulated single-piece corner panels and a quick-connect cam-lock joining solution, the Eco-Panels building system eliminates many of the opportunities for error associated with traditional methods of construction. Far superior to traditional EPS SIPs or stick frame construction, Eco-Panels are rapidly erected and perfect for international, governmental or corporate housing solutions. Very low-skilled local labor can be employed for the betterment of the local communities while providing a stronger, safer and significantly more energy efficient building solution.

Commercial and Institutional Applications

We have found that our easiest sales are where speed of construction and a lower long term cost of ownership is key in decision making. From banks to retail stores or schools, advantages in construction and lower cost of operation make the Eco-Panels system a clear choice.

Affordable Housing Development

At Eco-Panels we like to say we offer “Affordable Living”, instead of simply affordable housing. Anyone can build a cheap house, but high energy costs associated with stick-built construction can often exceed a mortgage payment. By offering a superior building envelope we can significantly reduce maintenance costs while often dramatically slashing a homes energy bills, often offering a positive return on investment in the very first month.

Passiv Haus or Net Zero Homes

With proprietary continuously insulated corners, our R40 walls and the only 8.5” thick R60 rated roof panel on the market, Eco-Panels offers a superior solution for a super-insulated home when compared with traditional double wall framing or EPS panel solutions.

International Housing

From Russia to the Caribbean, from Africa to South and Central America, from Iraq to Djibouti, wherever large housing developments are being deployed Eco-Panels can bring the most advanced proprietary building solutions on the market today to foreign governments and industry allowing very rapid construction using a low-skill and local labor base. By deploying manufacturing operations local to international developments, the Eco-Panels system can bring both technology and jobs to foreign locations.

Extreme Climate Housing

These days the weather seems to be getting more extreme and one of the weakest parts of a home’s structure is where two walls come together. Through our patented and patent pending technologies Eco-Panels can provide seismic and high wind resistant building solutions with our single piece corner panel, reducing the required skill while increasing the speed of erection either before or after a natural disaster like earthquakes, typhoons, tsunamis, tornadoes and hurricanes. Eco-Panels is presently approved for construction in one of the toughest building code environments on the planet – the US Virgin Islands – where both seismic and very high wind conditions are an everyday concern.